DEALERS: Are you currently running an email campaign? READ THIS!

DEALERS: Are you currently running an email campaign? READ THIS!

Recently there has been so much chatter around the automotive industry about the effectiveness of email marketing.  There are dozens of email vendors and even more agencies reselling those same products as a white label offering.  I’ve seen companies guaranteeing X number of sales per month, huge increases in traffic, and while all this sounds amazing, the fact is – most of the results they claim are either not incremental or smoke and mirrors; looking at your data and finding tenuous matches at best, which they try to take credit for.

 Quick Story:

Most email vendors request dealer’s sales data each month to “match back” their email list and claim credit for a percentage of sales made.  I recently encountered a dealer who read the email marketing report from Brian Pasch’s PCG Research.  This dealer found his Google Analytic traffic to be suspicious.  Site visits from all over the country, mostly desktop traffic… all of the red flags Brian points out in the report.  This dealer chose to fight back against his vendor.  Rather than sending the previous month’s sales data, he sent his vendor the sales data from the year prior to see what “match rate” the vendor would claim.  The vendor, who was only hired 2 months prior, somehow claimed to be responsible for sales made 11 months earlier.  This store was spending $6250 a month with this vendor.

 This was a big Wake-Up Call; Don’t pay the bill, pay attention!

But don’t take my word for it…

My Challenge to you:

When this month closes, send your vendor results from 2015, or before you started working with them.  When they claim credit for deals you know they had nothing to do with… your next step should be obvious.

Why CityTwist / Conquest Automotive is different:

  1. Our mailing lists are derived from IHS/ RL Polk In Market Purchase Predictor – And we are the ONLY conquest marketing company partnered with Polk. (Seriously… click the link to the IHS Partners Page)
  2. We don’t want access to your DMS.
  3. We don’t want you to send us your sales data.
  4. We provide you the names of all the consumers we market to UPFRONT.
  5. Our sales results are provided by official R.L. Polk Match-Back reports.


Contact me to discuss how we deliver proven incremental conquest sales to your store.

Mark Morin

Senior Account Executive

CityTwist / Conquest Automotive



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