Since 2003, Conquest Automotive’s core competency has been our ability to get your message to the right buyer at the right time by matching our world class technology with our robust and dynamic opt-in database. Consumers only buy cars every few years...Timing is everything when conquesting. Conquest Automotive has been perfecting this for auto dealers for 13 years and remains their first choice when in need of new customers.

Awards & Recognition


“The CityTwist campaigns that we inspected generated lead form submission and phone calls.” stated Brian Pasch, founder and CEO of PCG Companies a leading digital advertising expert and respected automotive industry consultant. Pasch recently released the PCG Research Report on Email Conquest Marketing for the automotive industry.

IHS Spectrum Excellence Award

This prestigious industry award program spotlights organizations and individuals around the world who make critical decisions and achieve their business goals through innovative use of information, analytics and expertise.

Client Testimonials

Meet Our Executive Team

Lou Nobilé / Founder & Chairman

Lou Nobilé is the driving force behind CityTwist’s industry leading products and services. Lou founded CityTwist in 2003 after serving Equifax, Inc as Vice President of Technology. Prior to Equifax, Lou’s innovations at Naviant, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer led to increased revenue and expanded product lines raising the company from a $20 million valuation to a $135 million sale during his 18-month tenure.

Previously, Lou held key executive positions within several marketing and technology companies including Data Dynamics and Lexis-Nexis. His experience in business, marketing and technology drive the dominance and competitive advantage inherent in all CityTwist products.

Jason Elston / Vice President of Operations

Jason Elston directs production and strategic operational management for Conquest Automotive, bringing over 10 years of sales, marketing and senior management experience to the team. His focus on maximizing growth and profitability, as well as his day-to-day leadership and management of company operations, has proven indispensable to the growth of the company. Jason built the fulfillment and customer service departments from the ground up while delivering 85% retention to CityTwist’s Conquest Automotive division.

Ken Godskind / Vice President of Project Management

Ken Godskind directs IT and Development for CityTwist, bringing over 20 years of business, product and technology leadership experience. Prior to joining CityTwist, Ken managed product strategy and customer care at AlertSite leading them to become a top provider of web performance management solutions.

Ken’s team is responsible for corporate systems and applications, mailing systems, and digital marketing integrations helping CityTwist deliver the most highly targeted, audience-driven automotive conquest advertising available in the market today.

George Holmquist / Vice President Product Development

George Holmquist directs the development of present and future product lines for Conquest Automotive. His expertise in identifying customer’s needs and desires provides the bridge between sales, marketing, development and production, and his ability to leverage market information and research continues to drive the company’s success in the automotive marketing industry.

With over ten years of experience in front-end web development and marketing, George brings both creative and analytical skills to the table, which have allowed him to make a significant contribution during his 6 plus years with CityTwist, including the development and introduction of the Digital Reaction Package to the Conquest Automotive program.